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Health tech partners

Health technology partners use Alara to build modern medical imaging solutions with both on-premise health system access and cloud-enabled functionality.

Unlimited standardized connections can be made to health systems.

Each deployment creates one bespoke connection

“Alara’s managed gateway solution at the time of Arterys’ founding would have saved our company $8 million in development expenses and 8 years of development time.”
– John Axerio-Cilies, CEO & Co-founder, Arterys

Alara eliminates the cost and complexity of building your own medical imaging gateway.

Here’s how we do it.


Account Creation. Technology companies begin by creating an account on the platform.


Contract Finalization. Technology companies finalize contracts and agreements with health system partners for data sharing.


Gateway Integration. Technology companies provide the gateway script to their health system partners.


Data Flow. Health systems connect to the gateway provided by technology companies. Data securely flows from the health system to the technology company's platform through the integrated gateway.


Leverage Core Competencies. Technology companies provide value to the health systems from the data sharing.

Sell. Collapse sales cycles by several months.

Simplify. "Off the shelf" gateway is deployed, authenticated, and secured in less than an hour.

Scale. A replicable pay-as-you-go software product, not a lengthy consulting engagement.

“We are proud to work with Alara Imaging to accelerate adoption of modern medical imaging workflow solutions.”
– Chris Hafey, Principal Product Manager at Amazon Web Services


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How does Alara help health technology companies accelerate sales?

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