Alara Announces Collaboration with NVIDIA to Drive Medical Imaging Innovation

Press release
November 25, 2023

November 25, 2023 – Alara, a pioneer in modern medical imaging gateway solutions, today announced a collaboration with NVIDIA to drive advancements in machine learning for healthcare.

 Alara’s modern medical imaging gateway facilitates secure, HIPAA and SOC II-compliant, real-time ingestion, normalization, and securitization of health system data to support novel machine learning applications. Project MONAI, the Medical Open Network for AI co-founded in 2019 by academia and industry leaders, including NVIDIA, contains software development kits to accelerate development and deployment of AI. The MONAI Deploy App SDK provides ready-to-use algorithms and a framework to accelerate the building of medical imaging AI applications.

Alara’s Gateway plays a pivotal role in enabling health systems and technology companies to seamlessly integrate solutions by serving as the local node for bi-directional image and data exchange between healthcare systems and modern technology companies. Alara’s Gateway streamlines the deployment, intake, modification, and uploading of images from healthcare sites, paving the way for machine learning opportunities both on premises and in the cloud.

“Alara’s Gateway overcomes a significant barrier to medical imaging innovation by ushering in a modern, machine learning-enabled framework to an antiquated technology stack,” said Nate Mazonson, CEO and co-founder of Alara Imaging. “We are proud to work with NVIDIA on machine learning applications that advance patient care.”

As the de-facto standard for developing packaging, testing, deploying, and running medical AI applications in clinical production, the MONAI Deploy App SDK creates a set of intermediate steps where researchers and physicians can build confidence in the techniques and approaches used with packaging and integrating AI. This allows for an iterative workflow until the overall AI inference infrastructure is ready to move to clinical environments.

“The MONAI Deploy App SDK has streamlined the way developers build medical AI applications and is being used across the world,” said David Bericat, product manager for healthcare at NVIDIA and MONAI Deploy Working Group co-chair. “This collaboration with Alara will help accelerate the implementation and integration of AI solutions at healthcare-enterprise scale.”

Alara Imaging is demonstrating its solution at RSNA. For more information about MONAI Deploy App SDK at RSNA, visit


About Alara

Alara was founded to usher in a new wave of medical imaging advancements that will improve patient outcomes. Alara’s quality measures have been endorsed by the National Quality Forum, which evaluates the scientific merit and feasibility of quality measures, and have been incorporated into CMS quality payment programs. To learn more about Alara’s mission and gateway solution, please visit Alara’s website.